Hospital Services & Facilities

Hospital Services & Facilities

Vejthani Hospital now provides currency exchange service with SuperRich Currency Exchange available daily from 9.00-18.00, G Floor (opposite of Starbucks)

Vejthani Hospital operates its own desk in the arrival area, at Gate 10 Arrival hall of Suvarnnabhumi International Airport.

Services for International Patients

Referral and Aviation Division provides variety of travel services, visa extension and business support to all patients and their families, to ensure that the medical travelers and their families are well assisted on all their travel needs.


Facilities & Room Rate


111 Residence is located within the campus of Vejthani hospital. The hotel provides convenience accommodations for patients and their family who have traveled from far away for an exam, treatment and for patients undergoing long-tern medical care.


Vejthani Hospital provides in-hospital accommodations. All hospital rooms have been designed with
the patients comfort and safety.


Within Vejthani hospital building, find a full range of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets. These include Thai, Chinese, Arabic, Western and Halal-certified dining facilities.